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Ashtanga Yoga Room’s

The Practice of Teaching

with Melanie Fawer
200 Hour Teacher Training & Yoga Immersion
March – May, 2015

Click here to download information & full application (PDF).

Melanie Fawer:

My yoga journey began in high school where my interest in eastern philosophy and spirituality was ignited as well as my desire to travel to India. In my early 20’s, I started exploring different styles of yoga which I enjoyed but I knew there was more. I was increasingly driven to travel to India and experience authentic yoga and traditional teachings. This is where I met my teacher in Mysore, India in 1994, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the father of Ashtanga yoga. I made annual trips to study extensively with him until his passing in 2009. With his blessing I became a lineage holder in 2001, when he certified me to carry on the Ashtanga teaching tradition. This rare honor of Certification is held by only 18 others in the United States. I feel an incredible obligation to pass on this authentic knowledge to others of all levels who want to teach as well as deepen their own yoga practice regardless of previous experience or yoga styles.


Training Philosophy:

Pattabhi Jois ingrained in me that yoga is 95% practice and 5% theory.
This philosophy is the basis for this training. The foundation is your individual Ashtanga practice which will be developed with Melanie during the first weekend. You will incorporate the essential Ashtanga principles: dristi (visual focal points), bandha (internal energy locks), ujjayi (breath) and vinyasa (breath with movement) to ground your practice in your body and breath. Once we establish these core principles through experience, we will integrate invaluable teaching techniques of alignment, self analysis and theory. As you learn new concepts you will apply them to your practice. The way you learn is the way you are going to teach.


Training Overview:

Weekend sessions will begin each day with Guided or Mysore Style Ashtanga practice then center around different aspects of yoga interspersed by relevant topics. Mysore Style is learning a fixed sequence of poses in a group setting but based on your own breath rate and level. Our amazing team will educate you on subjects such as yoga philosophy, yoga history, yoga psychology, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, Pranayama, Meditation, Indian Mythology, there will be a Sanskrit primer, Ayurveda, Chanting, inspirational readings, Energetic Anatomy and other healing modalities.

You will leave the training with a full toolbox of resources and an understanding of how to apply them to teaching.

In the Anatomy and Physiology weekend you will learn a basic map of the body with key terms, concepts and the language of anatomy. You will sharpen your ability to see and understand the body and its movement patterns. Later in the program, when you begin to practice teaching you will learn how and when to incorporate anatomical instruction into your lesson.

Alignment oriented weekends will use the Ashtanga series’ to teach the fundamentals of basic poses, how they relate to more advanced permutations and how to teach, explore and adjust all levels of asana. Yoga as a form of physical therapy will be integrated throughout; how to alter and examine a practice specifically for rehabilitation, how to prevent injury by understanding pre-existing conditions, contraindications and common limitations. You will also learn how and when to use props to most effectively teach.

The Art of Adjusting weekend will focus on when, how and why to adjust various poses. You will learn to identify and correct blind spots through hands-on techniques that teach alignment and deepen a student’s experience of a pose without taking them away from the breath.

There will be ample time to practice teaching and adjusting. On these weekends, you will gain invaluable experience and feedback. You will practice teaching Mysore and Guided Style Ashtanga classes, Vinyasa yoga classes and Intro Level classes based on your interests for teaching and/or practice. You will hone the skills you are building and learn how to assess the level of a group class within the first few minutes, learn to teach to mixed levels while maintaining an individual approach, sequence effectively, build confidence in verbalizing what you see and discovering your own voice. You will develop essential skills of observation, assessment, prioritization, breath awareness, pacing, counting, intention and centering.

The direct experience of practice will be the testing ground for each new grain of knowledge and information that you acquire during your training. You will leave with the deep understanding of how to be your own best teacher and therefor the best source of inspiration for yourself and others.


The program is ideal for:

- Students who love the technical and want a deep understanding of the mechanics of asana and adjustments;

- Students wanting to deeply explore their own yoga practice, spirituality and yoga in its entirety;
- The basic practitioner wanting to fast track to another level;
- Teachers wanting to build on their knowledge and experience;

- Aspiring Ashtanga teachers;

- Aspiring teachers that want the tools and experience to tailor a yoga class for any level independent of a formal yoga style.


Upon Program Completion:

Your training in Ashtanga yoga will be directly from the lineage of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Melanie’s teacher. “The Practice of Teaching” is registered with The Yoga Alliance, the national education and support organization for yoga in the U.S. Graduates who fulfill all the requirements of the program will receive a Certificate of Completion making you eligible to register at the 200 hour level as a yoga teacher with The Yoga Alliance (


Sessions: March – May, 2015

Opening Week Intensive:  March 6 – 12

Weekend Sessions:  March 27 – 29; April 10 – 12; April 24 -26

Closing Week Intensive:  May 11 – 16


Friday: 3:00 – 6:00pm all weekends except:  Nov. 15-17, Jan. 31- Feb. 2 & March 14-16, the hours will be 4:00 – 7:00pm. On the last weekend, the Friday session will be from 8:45am – 5:30pm.

Saturdays: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Sundays: 9:30 – 6

All classes will be held at The Yoga Room, 4905 Freret St., New Orleans, LA 70115, 2nd floor, unless otherwise announced.


Fee & Deposit:

Tuition is $3,000. This includes all training sessions, training manual and materials, classes in alternative manual healing therapies and unlimited classes at The Yoga Room throughout the duration of the training. Any books that are required are not part of the tuition.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due with your application. Full tuition is due by September 23, 2013. Payment can be made online at or by check or cash and mailed to: The Yoga Room, 4905 Freret St., New Orleans, LA 70115. Payment plans are available but full payment must be completed by September 1, 2013.


Program Requirements:

- Four days per week yoga practice as will be prescribed to you within the first weekend of the program and amended over time;

-  Moderate homework can be expected between sessions;

-  100% attendance to receive Certificate of Completion. If you miss any 
days of the training, you can make them up through private instruction. Private instruction is $100/hour and one day of training will take 2-4 hours of private instruction. Make up sessions may be shared.


Meet Our Team:

Mollie Day will be teaching Anatomy and Physiology. She is certified in Rolfing Structural Integration and Rolf Movement through the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Mollie’s interest in healing stems from her education and experience in visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy techniques, respectively, through the Barral Institute and the Upledger Institute. She is licensed as a Massage Therapist through the state of Louisiana. Mollie holds a B.A. with a focus on medical anthropology from Sarah Lawrence College and an M.F.A. from the University of New Orleans. Mollie continues to deepen her understanding of manual therapy and the mind-body-spirit through continuing education courses, yoga, chi gong and meditation.

Dr. Tim Cahill will be teaching yoga history, Eastern religions and philosophies and the Sanskrit primer. He is an Associate Professor at Loyola University, New Orleans and specializes in the religious traditions of South Asia. Dr. Cahill began graduate work in Indology with an emphasis on grammar, religious poetry and early Hindu traditions. He studied traditional Indian knowledge systems in India for six years and taught Indian philosophy, religion and literature at the University of Pennsylvania before coming to Loyola. He is the author of an annotated bibliography of Indian poetics (Brill, 2001).

There will be other professionals in alternative healing therapies facilitating during our training.

Ashtanga Yoga Room's

The Practice of Teaching

with Melanie Fawer
200 Hour Teacher Training & Yoga Immersion
March - May, 2015

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